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About Us

Thank you for visiting the official TrapDecks website!

TrapDecks Fingerboards is the creative baby of two childhood friends, Matt Gruhn and Justin Ellis. We have been handcrafting fingerboards and obstacles since 2012 and selling under the brand name TrapDecks, since 2014. We are both originally part of the midwest crew, though Matt has since relocated out west. After going pretty hard for the first few years of our existence we we're forced to slow down due to college, work, moving, life, etc. Now that a lot of those barriers are out of the way, or extremely less, we are slowly but surely reviving the TrapDecks brand. We hope 2021 brings more time for fingerboarding, creating, and interacting with the community as we have always loved to do. For all of you that have been rocking with us and to those of you that are new to our brand, we thank you for the support and hope something we do inspires you, to do something you love!

We support Morality, Equality, and Happiness!

One Love, One Life.

If you ever have any questions or just want to tell us something. Hit the DM, send an email, do something! We'll try our best to respond to everything.

See more of our history by visiting our YouTube Here.

this pic is hella old lol

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